Are you ready to retake Control of your life?  Our Anxiety Ease Wellness Blend along with the guided imagery and Mini-course will help you get back on track with living a happier, healthier life. 


Approximately 30 Servings


This Wellness Tea Blend comes with a mini-course/lesson on how to control your anxiety.

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  • ORGANIC OATSTRAW- high in iron, manganese, and zinc can help improve brain health, insomnia, stress, and anxiety.


    ORGANIC SKULLCAP- can help anxiety, cholesterol, tension, and inflammation.


    KAVA KAVA ROOT- can help you feel calm, relaxed and improve your mood. It may help improve anxiety and stress.


    ORGANIC GINKO LEAF- a powerful antioxidant, fights inflammation, improves circulation, and can help reduce anxiety stress and treat depression.


    ORGANIC ASHWAGHANDA- an adaptogen and ancient medicinal herb that can reduce anxiety, stress and help fight depression.  It can boost brain function. 


    ORGANIC LINDEN- may help promote relaxation, inflammation, pain and help lower blood sugar. 


    ORGANIC CLOVE-can help minimize depression, anxiety and regulate blood pressure.  


    ORGANIC LICORICE- may help regulate the production of hormones, helping against stress and reducing anxiety symptoms. 



    Always consult your healthcare practitioner before use if you have any medical history, pregnant, nursing, or if you’re taking any medications.  


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