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This intensely spiced tea is perfect for fall. The warm notes of pumpkin make it a comforting drink—perfect for curling up and taking a break. Our Moody Spice is a healthier alternative to the popular holiday favorite: PSL. Our tea has no added sugar or artificial flavoring, only natural spices. You can enjoy this delicious seasonal tea all year round! Created for our Moody Mink community, but all are welcome to purchase and enjoy.


Approximatly 20 Servings


This tea DOES contain caffeine. 


  • Black tea may boost heart health, lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, and improve gut health. It may also help reduce blood pressure.


    Apple- It may boost immunity and may improve bone and heart health.


    Orange- Orange peel can improve Immune Health,  Support Healthy Skin. The Aroma May Boost Your Mood.


    Pumpkin- Rich in vitamin A, high in antioxidants, may boost immunity, and promote healthy skin. 


    Nutmeg- Powerful antioxidants may help lower inflammation, boost libido, and have antibacterial properties. 


    Cloves- High in antioxidants, can kill bacteria, may improve liver health, and may reduce stomach ulcers.


    Rosehip- Rich in antioxidants, it may improve heart health, aid in weight loss, and reduce inflammation.


     Hibiscus- High in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, may lower blood pressure, may lower cholesterol, promotes weight loss, and may help support liver function. 


    Calendula- Helps promote a healthy gut and may help reduce inflammation. 


    Sunflower petals- may help reduce inflammation, especially in the throat, windpipes, and tonsils. 


    Cinnamon- loaded with antioxidants, may reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, and help fight off bacteria.




    *Always consult with your health care physician before starting any supplement. 

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