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Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa Cortez, The Anxiety Dr and Té Sana Tea and Wellness founder. I've been an avid tea drinker since I could remember. My most memorable tea-drinking experience was when I called my mom after my first panic attack in college. Her advice to me was "Tomaté Un Tecito" (DRINK A CUP OF TEA). I was somewhat taken aback. I thought, "WHAT? I NEED MORE THAN A DAMN CUP OF TEA." But I should have known that my Latina mother would want to cure my Anxiety with a cup of tea.

Little did I know that years later, I'd be doing the same thing, recommending different herbs and tea blends to people who prefer to try a more natural route to eliminating their Anxiety. My experience with Anxiety started back in college, but if I think about it, I probably had it way before then. My passion for finding ways to cope with Anxiety started shortly after my first panic attack. I became a therapist, and now I'm known as The Anxiety Dr.  Helping people eliminate Anxiety and stress, naturally. My passion is to help you live a healthy, happier life by eliminating Anxiety, stress, fatigue, and other ailments using natural herbs. I've been mixing and consuming teas for my consumption for years. I knew I had to share the great-tasting, healthy herbal mixes with the world. My goal is to bring you natural, more nutritive alternatives while empowering self-care. At Té Sana, we want to EMPOWER YOUR MIND, ONE CUP AT A TIME.



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Featured in Project Gaia, RGVision, Psychology Today, Microsoft, Hemispheres Magazine


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