Judson's Lemonade Mix is a fruity strawberry, minty and lemony blend.  


This tea blend is great hot or cold.


Approximatly 18-20 Servings

Judson's Lemonade Mix

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  • GREEN TEA-may help improve brain function, increases fat burning, rich in antioxidants, which may improve heart health. 


    LEMON VERBENA-may help digestive disorders, agitation, joint pain, may help insomnia, colds, and skin conditions. 


    SPEARMINT- may help digestive symptoms, rich in antioxidants, improve memory, help fight bacterial infections, help lower blood sugar, and help reduce stress.


    STEVIA LEAF- a natural sweetener that may aid in stabilizing blood sugar.

    PAPAYA AND STRAWBERRY PIECES-powerful antioxidants that may help against cancer, may help improve heart health and fight inflammation. 

    LEMON PEEL - A good source of calcium, potassium and vitamin A.

    Natural flavors(organic compliant)